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Sunon Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1991 in Hangzhou. It is an enterprise group specialized in office furniture, home furniture and real estate investment, now with totally 2,500 employees. And it made RMB1.456 billion of revenues in 2009. It holds net assets 2.395 billion.
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Any Way

How could we keep true under complicated environment and much attract? Anyway, it knows me.So many top shapes, combination styles, rich colors and various material is the biggest light spot for ANYWAYS. No matter office or SOHO, post-mordernity or loft , there is always one kind satisfying my need.

ANYWAYS manager desk
A manager needs a quiet, steady, thinking desk.
AMYWAYS desk, shape or function meets requests for quality and taste.

In order to make thinking as a habit, manager desk simplifies shape design and keep core function of desk and side cabinet. It is a thinking desk with integrated handler and leaving space in front.

Side cabinet for keeping files and office equipment takes place of support leg saving space under desk and making work environment more free, more comfortable.

The side cabinet with thin edge
Thanks to the 45 degree angle,which changing the thick and heavy cabinet tnto slender and thin.It keeps the whole design style of Anyways,aggregating conciseness,fashion,advancement together.Also with the inner wires.

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