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Fameline Products co.,ltd. a leading company of Metal Ceiling, Aluminium Sun Louver and Metal Cladding products, one of Fameline Group companies which are well known among constrution materials industry for more than 2 decades.
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The FameLine tile ceiling panel is a premium aluminum or steel ceiling panel system. This system has been designed and developed for a wide range of applications in virtually every type of comercial or institutional building. This tile panel system with its range of finishes provides an attractive, versatile decorative ceiling with numerous advantages :
  • Availability in a wide range of sizes & shapes
  • Available in plain or perforated panel
  • Ease of installation
  • Cost competitive
  • Finishes in a wide range of colors
  • Four types of suspension systems
  • Ease of maintenance
The four types of suspension systems available include :
Clip-In System
Lay-In System
Hook-On System
Linear Grid System

Lay In
Clip In
Hook On
Linear Grid
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