An ISO 9001 Certified Company

Fameline Products co.,ltd. a leading company of Metal Ceiling, Aluminium Sun Louver and Metal Cladding products, one of Fameline Group companies which are well known among constrution materials industry for more than 2 decades.
Sun Louver
Aerofoil Solar Shading system
Aluminium Grilles
CS Louvers
Z Louvers

The FameLine Sun Louver System is a highly functional, yet architecturally pleasing system that can add color and exciting design effects to a building facade. The system is available with slats or panel set at a range of angles and in a wide range of colors and size. Also, the FameLine Sun Louver System provides for a flexibility in design, easy maintenance, and speed of installation.

Fameline Aluminium Grilles is one of the most popular design for façade works. Its elegant look and sun screen function are the two benefits that make designers always choose.

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