An ISO 9001 Certified Company

Fameline Products co.,ltd. a leading company of Metal Ceiling, Aluminium Sun Louver and Metal Cladding products, one of Fameline Group companies which are well known among constrution materials industry for more than 2 decades.
Linear Ceiling
Tile and Plank Ceiling
Open Decorative
Contour Ceiling
Customized Solutions

Extreme Durability : The quality of FameLine manufacturing and finishing ensures outstanding durability resulting in  low maintenance solutions with decades life-span.

Various Choices : FameLine metal ceiling products are available in a wide variety of finishes, suspension systems.  materials, and colors.

Custom Design : By working as partnership with clients and architects, FameLine can provide practical solutions to  meet specific performance, aesthetic and budget criteria.

Leading Edge Facilities : The FameLine products are produced to the Highest quality CNC machinery, including a fully  automated, continuous feed powder-coating line.

High Quality Standard : Our Design, manufacturing, and installation are strictly controlled under lSO900l.

Competiti Price : Through efficient production and quality control under ISO9001 procedures, FameLine offers high  quallity products at competitive prices.

Environmental Friendly : Our ceiling materials are totally recyclable

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