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Fameline Products co.,ltd. a leading company of Metal Ceiling, Aluminium Sun Louver and Metal Cladding products, one of Fameline Group companies which are well known among constrution materials industry for more than 2 decades.
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The FameLine Linear Ceiling system utilizes a concealed structural grid that can also be provided in a range of patterns and provides for rapid installation yet securely locks the ceiling strips in place. The Linear Ceiling System is a bold architectural decorative ceiling offered in numerous patterns and colors and is readily adapted to a wide range of architectural conditions. Also, the Linear Ceiling System provides for flexibility in design, ease of access to equipment or service lines, easy maintenance,and speed of installation.

The FameLine Linear Ceiling system is an extremely popular ceiling product worldwide. It offers great flexibility in design and can be used for both internal and external ceiling applications. The system is offered in a wide range of pro for the ceiling strips and each of which creates a unique architectural effect . The choice of strips includes a C-profile, a F-profile, and V-profile. The C-profile can be installed with a support system that provided for butt adjoining of the parallel strips or a spaced positioning. The F-profile strongly defines a recessed slot that emphasizes the linear quality of finished ceiling yet blocks out the view of systems or services above the ceiling. The V groove system similarly is a butt adjoining system that creates a refined linear ceiling pattern with a smooth even finish.

85C - Round Edge
85F - Box Edge
150V - V Groove
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